Cancer Research and Support, Intent to Give

Audience ID USP0139
The members of this audience provide financial support to organizations focused on advancing the fight against cancer. No matter the kind of cancer, they contribute to the fundraising efforts done by organizations who conduct research and search for medical advancements, provide medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, and caregiver and recovery services for those suffering from cancer. This audience gives to the fight against cancer for various reasons—they feel emotionally moved by someone's story, they want to make an impact in changing someone's life for the positive, they want to leave a legacy that perpetuates their cause, or feel fortunate and want to give something back to others. Regardless of the reason, this audience has a high propensity to make donations to cancer research.
  • 60%
  • 40%
  • 62%
  • 52%
  • 56
  • $94K
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