Why Ultimate Audiences?

By combining the best predictive marketing technology with vast, intent-based consumer spending data, something amazing happens. Digital advertisers gain new competitive advantages, including:

Narrow Niche Targeting for Better Response
With more than 3,000 distinct consumer niches identified and audiences being created for them all, Ultimate Audiences offer media buyers the most precise targeting possible. If you discover that your niche is not covered, click here to let us know.

More Intelligent Programmatic Bidding
Delivered to your ad platform in a three-tier segmentation—Platinum, Gold, and Silver—Ultimate Audiences enable intelligent, proportional programmatic bidding that fully optimizes ad spend based on prospect responsiveness.

Easy to Activate
Ultimate Audiences are available at Google, The Trade Desk, LiveRamp and other data stores. They can also be delivered to Facebook, Comcast, Twitter, and all other leading DSPs and ad platforms.

Easy to Test
Ultimate Audiences are easy to test against the segments you are currently using, so you can immediately see the lift in response and engagement they produce in your campaigns.

Find Ultimate Audiences uniquely relevant for your brand now using the Advanced Audience Finder.