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Women's Hair Styling Tools, Intent to Buy
The consumers in this audience view their hair as one of their most important accessories, and they are interested in purchasing women’s hair styling tools that can help make their hair look polished and perfectly coiffed. Brands that offer hair styling tools such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling wands, and more will find these consumers likely to respond to their promotions.
Women's Upscale Athletic Apparel, Intent to Buy
This audience chases active wear and is looking to buy, as long as the fit is right, the lines are clean, and the brand is responsible. They buy from retailers, both online and off, that offer fresh new looks that inspire performance. They meditate and exercise regularly. And, thanks to wearable tech, they know how their body responds down to the heartbeat. Consumers in this audience need clothing and accessories to support not only their athletic lifestyle but their fashion sensibility. Women’s apparel brands will find this audience responsive to offers and promotions that help women enhance their focus on well-being, life balance, and great style.
Luxury Auto Aficionados, Intent to Buy
Connoisseurs of the automotive arts, these are likely buyers of luxury nameplates, both imported and domestic. This audience’s purchasing propensity and capacity for upscale automotive brands extends to the super-premium, legendary European automakers. These aficionados’ appreciation of style, craftsmanship, and performance transcend brand, making them ideal candidates for exploring multiple nameplates that all evoke the same ethos of exquisite form and function. Their interest in these beautiful automobiles spans new, used, parts, and service, as well as driving clubs and motorsports events.
Credit Monitoring Services, Intent to Buy
Concerned about both credit score monitoring and preventing identity theft, this audience is receptive to offers from organizations like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Whether looking for periodic FICO credit scores, continuous monitoring, or credit alerts, they look to reputable brands that make them feel secure through the increased knowledge and insight they gain from such services. This audience is tuned to deliver consumers willing to go beyond free annual reports and become paid subscribers. This interest in identity protection goes beyond credit monitoring and includes other protective services like those delivered by LifeLock and Identity Guard. While concerned about credit and financial health, this audience also represents savvy credit card users open to advantageous offers to become cardholders.
Men's Shaving Products, Intent to Buy
These guys love a good shave…and a good deal. This audience is responsive to subscription and trial offers for all things shaving and grooming. Interested in the promotions of brands known for their shaving expertise, they are willing to try out the latest new products. They are responsive to subscriptions, but can also be counted on to explore new products in subsequent cross-promotions once they become customers. While value is important, the right feel of the razor and smell of the product makes them ideal prospects for quality men’s grooming products and the full range of offerings, from old school shaving kits, brushes, and soaps to the latest in razor technology.
Cancer Research and Support, Intent to Give
The members of this audience provide financial support to organizations focused on advancing the fight against cancer. No matter the kind of cancer, they contribute to the fundraising efforts done by organizations who conduct research and search for medical advancements, provide medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, and caregiver and recovery services for those suffering from cancer. This audience gives to the fight against cancer for various reasons—they feel emotionally moved by someone's story, they want to make an impact in changing someone's life for the positive, they want to leave a legacy that perpetuates their cause, or feel fortunate and want to give something back to others. Regardless of the reason, this audience has a high propensity to make donations to cancer research.
Family Cruise Travel, Intent to Buy
This audience is looking for the next great adventure for their families. They’re not just looking for any old adventure, though, they want to take to the water in a big way, and tend to favor cruises themed for holidays or a favorite movie franchise, or destination cruises taking them to places as near and far as Alaska, the Mediterranean, or China. They’re likely to respond to deals that will get them on deck once more. Finding a good cruise agent and making sure there are plenty of activities for their kids is key, so they can relax with a drink in hand and the unrivaled view of their destination spread out before them.
Contemporary Upscale Home Décor, Intent to Buy
This audience of home décor and design enthusiasts is likely to make repeat, high-dollar purchases. Whether decorating a bedroom or purchasing new furniture and lighting for the living room, the home becomes a canvas and designer brands like Ethan Allen, Karastan, and Holly Hunt are the palette for creating an artful home. Likely to take cues from magazines like Traditional Home and Martha Stewart Living, or the online posts of brands like Wallpaper and Apartment Therapy, you’ll probably find these home décor aficionados exploring offerings from brands with a commitment to fine design. Their purchase tendencies extend throughout the home, and can include gourmet kitchen appliances as well as premium quality patio furniture for their outdoor living spaces.
Over The Top Internet Television Intent to Subscribe
Members of this audience place a premium on enjoying streaming television services, with a propensity to subscribe to one or more of the wide range of choices that deliver their favorite programs, movies, sporting events, and more. These likely subscribers appreciate having a choice of programming that suits each member of the family, so everyone can watch whatever they want, whenever they want, throughout the home. Advertisers seeking to reach likely subscribers of OTT television services will find this audience uniquely responsive to their offers, bundles, and promotions.
Food and Cooking Publications, Intent to Subscribe
These avid readers of food and cooking websites and magazines have a boundless appetite for culinary inspiration. To peruse page after page of stories and recipes is almost as much fun as cooking itself. Every meal is an adventure, and this audience is likely to look to culinary publications for new ideas, information, and inspiration when it comes to all things cooking. From dinners to appetizers, brunch, desserts, picnic ideas, and more, publications and brands offering diverse cooking content that is both educational and entertaining will find these consumers receptive to their offers.
Women's Casual Jewelry, Intent to Buy
This audience believes that no outfit is quite complete without the right jewelry, and they are likely to engage with brands that offer the casual jewelry options to accessorize their day to day ensembles. Interested in a variety of jewelry items, including bracelets, rings, watches, and more, they are likely to respond to promotions for the unique, stylish jewelry pieces that can help them exude style and showcase their unique personalities.
Veterinary Services, Dogs and Cats, Intent to Buy
This audience considers their pets to be integral parts of the family and, when it comes to caring for their canine and feline companions, these consumers are likely to turn to veterinary services that can help keep their pets as happy and healthy as possible. This audience is looking to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with a reputable veterinary service provider, and organizations offering a wide variety of high-quality veterinary services and expert advice to help guide these consumers throughout their pets’ lives will find them receptive to their offers.