About Ultimate Audiences

Ultimate Audiences enable advertisers and marketers to reach highly responsive consumers across all channels and devices, delivering a superior level of engagement and response not available elsewhere.

Ultimate Audiences leverage vast consumer intelligence including detailed, brand-level spending data; demographic and psychographic data; social media-informed insights; modeled purchase intent signals; and many other data sources—analyzed in a de-identified environment. The result is finely tuned marketing audiences whose future spending behavior can be predicted with remarkable accuracy and that are associated with the anonymized, digital identifiers of millions of U.S. consumers. Ultimate Audiences are regularly optimized and refreshed to predict consumer interests, preferences, and likely purchase behaviors.

As a result, media buyers have immediate access to consumer marketing segments that provide strong affinity with their brands and promotions. So whether the goal is to build brand awareness, acquire new customers, or complement campaigns in other channels, Ultimate Audiences deliver content to the people that brands need to reach through their advertising platforms of choice. UltimateAudiences.com, an intuitive self-service website, makes it easy to discover the most relevant audiences, decide which ones to use in campaigns, and then activate through preferred ad platforms.

Why Ultimate Audiences Outperform in Marketing Programs

  • Quality of Data. Ultimate Audiences are created and regularly refreshed from diverse, best-of-breed data sources, including vast consumer spending data; demographics and psychographics; modeled social media insights; modeled purchase intent signals; and many other sources.
  • Wide Selection. We offer many choices of ready-to-activate, precisely targeted audiences, so virtually every brand can find the consumer audiences who are truly interested in its unique offers.
  • Ease of Use. In just minutes, advertisers can identify and activate brand-relevant on-demand audiences for their programmatic and other digital advertising using the UltimateAudiences.com self-serve platform.
  • On-Demand and Custom Options. We offer both ready-to-activate, on-demand audiences and fully custom audiences uniquely configured for any brand, title, or organization.
  • Sophisticated Methodology. Ultimate Audiences are created using proprietary predictive modeling techniques to produce the most highly targeted, responsive audiences possible.
  • Affordability. Ultimate Audiences offer high-quality, modeled audiences at an affordable cost. Audiences are provided in three mutually exclusive tiers to help advertisers improve ROI by enabling intelligent, proportional bidding based on likelihood of response.
  • Multichannel Capability. Ultimate Audiences can be activated across all marketing channels and devices, including display, mobile, video, social, direct mail, and addressable radio or television.

Superior Data

We bring together the most reliable, relevant data from reputable sources to create audiences with a strong propensity to spend in hundreds of specific categories. These uniquely responsive audiences enable precise media targeting and effective ad spend in customer acquisition campaigns across all addressable channels and devices. We scrutinize all potential data sources in an effort to ensure that consumers’ information is properly used and secured. We do not accept or knowingly store data that we consider to be highly sensitive such as government identification numbers (like Social Security numbers), financial account numbers (such as credit card numbers), account access codes, or protected health information.

A Word about Consumer Privacy

Just like our clients, we care about doing the right thing and supporting good privacy practices in using consumer data. Ultimate Audiences are offered by Wiland, Inc., a leading member of numerous trade associations, such as the Data and Marketing Association and the Digital Advertising Alliance, and we support and follow their self-regulatory programs. These associations are strong voices for providing innovative products and services in privacy-sensitive ways, in particular by requiring that businesses provide and honor consumer choice. We believe consumers expect now more than ever to receive offers that are relevant to their needs and interests, and also expect their privacy choices to be honored. For more information about how we utilize consumer data and provide consumer advertising choices across our company’s various lines of business, please visit wiland.com/advertising-choices.

Audience Delivery by Tier

We are able to deliver Ultimate Audiences to virtually any digital platform. When we deliver an audience to your preferred platform, it is sent in an anonymized manner in three tiers that enable greater precision in programmatic bidding and media spend:

  • Platinum: Consumers who are most likely to spend soon in your category are in the Platinum tier. Strategy: Bid higher to win programmatic ad opportunities; optimize to achieve strong results. Typically, about 15% of the total audience size is Platinum.
  • Gold: Likely responders to your brand and offers. Strategy: Bid lower than for Platinum; achieve strong results because of lower cost. Typically, about 30% of the total audience size is Gold.
  • Silver: Good prospects who likely can be acquired at lower media cost. The Silver tier extends reach at low per impression cost. Strategy: Bid lower, extend reach, and achieve good ROI.

These distinct tiers empower you to better optimize your ad budget based on predicted responsiveness, giving you the confidence that your budget is being directed with the greatest potential for high Return on Ad Spend.

Ready to optimize your targeted marketing and media spend? Use the Audience Finder now to discover your perfect Ultimate Audience!